Bonsai videos

There is a plethora of bonsai videos, mainly on YouTube, available on the internet. The value of these varies greatly but many are excellent and very effective in demonstrating  techniques that novice and intermediate bonsai growers can find challenging.

 This page will be used to progressively build a catalogue of internet videos that will prove educative to the Society's members and others. The selection of material to be used here will be based upon the quality of both the video production and its content. It is not intended to list all available videos; this would result in a list that is far too large and would contain material that is not useful and could even be misleading.

One video will be featured each month or so, hopefully one relevant to the bonsai tasks of the time of year. 

The current video is The Bonsai Art of Japan Episode 25, part of an excellent series produced by Bjorn  Bjorholm. This episode gives some great guidance on the development techniques for Japanese maple, including wiring, branch removal and grafting.  This video will play on this page; it can be viewed in a larger window by clicking HERE

 • Tool care

Bonsai tool sharpening (Roy Wixson)

Tool care - Wire cutters (Peter Warren)

Tool care - Bonsai scissors (Peter Warren)

Tool care - Branch and knob cutters (Peter Warren)