Species guides

These guides have been created to provide a ready source of information on common, and not so common species used for bonsai.

For each species, some brief core information is provided together with a photograph or two. There are then some useful website links that will provide much more detailed information, ideas and examples on how to create a great bonsai. 

Of course, much information is also available in various books on bonsai; reference to these may be given when web-based information is not available or is of poor quality.

 Firethorns (Pyracantha species)

With clusters of white flowers in late spring and abundant brightly coloured berries in autumn, firethorns make attractive small to medium-sized bonsai. The lend themselves to a range of styles. 

 Larches (Larix species)

Try larches for your first conifer bonsai. Larches make attractive bonsai with the unusual feature, for  conifers, of being deciduous. European and Japanese larches are the species mainly used for bonsai.

 Rockspray cotoneaster (Cotoneaster horizontalis )

An ideal species for the novice bonsai enthusiast. It is semi-deciduous in Tasmania with small dark green leaves, spring flowers and, in autumn, attractive bright red berries.

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