23 & 24 June 2018

The bonsai community in Tasmania is small and we are always delighted to welcome experts from elsewhere in Australia and overseas who help us to enhance our skills and extend our bonsai experience. 

Our sole visitor of 2018 is one of the young guns of the Australian bonsai scene, Hugh Grant from New South. 

Hugh has been involved in bonsai for many years, growing as a practitioner and an artist. Bonsai for him has developed into a lifestyle and continues to envelop more of his time. Much of his learning has been an accumulation of personal study, group involvement and working to make better bonsai with a close group of other passionate bonsai people. He has enjoyed many  opportunities to meet and work with national and international faces in bonsai. He is an active member of his local club for a number of years. Hugh operate a business under the name Bonsai Etosü which allows him to teach and mentor all over the country as well as service some high quality private collections

Hugh will give a demonstration on the morning of Saturday, 23 June 2018 and then run workshops sessions on the Saturday afternoon and morning and afternoon of Sunday 24 June 2018 when he will work with participants on their trees. All sessions are at the Cambridge Hall, 989 Cambridge Road, Cambridge 7170. 

Both the demonstrations and workshops are open to the general public as well as members of the Society. Details of the session times and costs are given on the REGISTRATION FORM

We ask that you submit the form and make the payment as soon as possible. Participants in the workshops should have at least had some small amount of bonsai experience. 

. You can view some of his work on his Facebook page.