2 & 3 September 2017

The bonsai community in Tasmania is small and we are always delighted to welcome experts from elsewhere in Australia and overseas who help us to enhance our skills and extend our bonsai experience. 

Our third visitor of 2017 is international bonsai artist, Rui Ferreira. Rui is from Tavira in Portugal where he runs a bonsai nursery, Jardim de Bonsai. He is visiting bonsai clubs in Australia on a tour arranged by the Bonsai Federation of Australia (Southern).

Rui will give a demonstration on the morning of Saturday, 2 September 2017 and then run workshops sessions on the Saturday afternoon and morning and afternoon of Sunday 3 September 2017 when he will work with participants on their trees. All sessions are at the Cambridge Hall, 989 Cambridge Road, Cambridge 7170. 

Both the demonstrations and workshops are open to the general public as well as members of the Society. Details of the session times and costs are given on the REGISTRATION FORM

We ask that you submit the form and make the payment as soon as possible. Participants in the workshops should have at least had some small amount of bonsai experience. 

Rui started his bonsai development in the 11 years he lived in the Netherlands, and then for 3 years in France. This provided the foundation of his nursery in Tavira. He has studied under the two bonsai masters, Hotsumi Terakawa (Netherlands) and Salvatore Liporace (Italy). He is an instructor at Salvatore Liporace's European School of Bonsai.

His own bonsai collection reflects his time spent in northern Europe as well as the climate of southern Portugal where he now lives. He has many Australian species in his collection, including Melaleuca, Callistemon and Leptospermum. He is experienced on developing bonsai from yamadori as well as pre-bonsai and normal garden nursery stock.  You can view some of his work on his Facebook page.