Rockspray cotoneaster 
Cotoneaster horizontalis

This is an ideal species for the novice bonsai enthusiast. It is semi-deciduous in Tasmania with small dark green leaves, spring flowers and, in autumn, attractive bright red berries. 

Herringbone cotoneaster is an alternative name sometimes used for this species. It originates from China.

It is adaptable to many styles and is very forgiving in that it sprouts back profusely from bare wood. 

It is easily propagated from softwood in summer and hardwood cuttings in winter. It is naturally a prostrate shrub and layers very easily when part of a branch is pinned into the soil. The rockspray cotoneaster is easy to style  as a bonsai from nursery stock.

Further information 

Cotoneaster care sheet - excellent general guide from the Bonsai Tool Chest site.
Cotoneaster horizontalis progression series - development of attractive bonsai from garden stock.
Cotoneaster franchetti progression series - some useful ideas for a related species.
Shohin cotoneaster - from wild material to a beautiful shohin bonsai


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