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 And the winner is.....

Chris Xepapas, of Heritage Bonsai Tasmania and Vice-President of the Bonsai Society of Southern Tasmania was very deservedly awarded the Bonsai Clubs International Certificate of Excellence and Medallion for an Outstanding Bonsai for this beautiful tree at the 29th Australian National Bonsai Convention held recently in Hobart. It is a Swamp or Coastal Paperbark (Melaleuca ericifolia). The tree is 20 years old and was grown from a cutting.

Posted 23 August 2016

 Noel - we salute you!

When the Bonsai society of Southern Tasmania was founded in April 1984, Noel Kemp was elected as the inaugural Vice -President,. Three years later, in 1987, Noel became the Society's President, a position the he held continuously until this year

During the 27 years of his Presidency, Noel has guided the society with a steady hand and encouraged many new bonsai aficionados. For many years he taught adult education classes in bonsai and many students of these classes have continued their interest through membership of the Society.

It was some sadness, on his part and that of members, that Noel reported at the  2014 AGM that he was not standing for re-election. The vast majority of members cannot remember a time when Noel was not the Society's President.

Noel, we thank you for all the many benefits that you have brought to the society as President. You may no longer be the highest office bearer but we know that your support for the Society will not diminish. 

Posted 24 August 2014

  Congratulations Chris Xepapas

The Society is delighted to announce that one of its members, Chris Xepapas, has been appointed by the Association of Australian Bonsai Clubs Inc (AABC) as a Level 2 National Bonsai Demonstrator for the AABC Visiting Tutor Program.

Chris runs the Heritage Bonsai Nursery that he has recently located to Dysart on the Midlands Highway about 40 km north of Hobart.

Chris enthusiasm and knowledge of bonsai, and especially conifers, have already benefited members of the Society. It is good to learn that a wider audience will now appreciate his bonsai skills.

Posted 12 August 2014

 We missed our own birthday 

Forgetting a loved one's birthday is bad but missing your own is inexcusable. But that is just was has happened - the Society forgot its 30th birthday!

The inaugural meeting of the Bonsai Society of Southern Tasmania was held in Hobart on 17 April 1984; 30 years and 6 weeks and a bit later, it is still going strong.

A few current members have been there since that very first meeting. The Society continues, like our trees to flourish. And, as we are always keen to add new specimens to our collections, the Society is always welcoming of new members.

A few years back, President Noel Kemp wrote a short history of the Society - it is is well worth a read - a copy can be accessed here.

Posted 31 May 2014

 Andrew Ward runs very successful workshops

Andrew Ward, an Australian Association of Bonsai Clubs (AABC) accredited demonstrator visited Hobart to run workshops for the Society's members on 12-13 April 2014 . The majority of the Society'smembers attended at least one of the four sessions, either as a participant or an observer; many members were there for the whole weekend.

Andrew provided excellent inspiration and advice on how to work and remodel trees. Andrew clearly encouraged members to be be more adventurous and drastic with their trees than would otherwise been the case if they were tending their specimens alone.

More photographs are posted on the Galleries page of the Society's website

Posted 20 April 2014

 Beautiful pots made in Australia

Good quality bonsai pots are increasingly hard to find. Over the past 10-15 years many of the well-made Japanese pots have been replaced in nurseries with inferior Chinese imports. 

It is often a difficult task to source a really good pot for your prized bonsai. It is refreshing, therefore, to see an Australian potter and bonsai enthusiast producing and selling some beautiful pots. 

Joann, in Melbourne, has handcrafted pots designed and finished to compliment and enhance the display of your trees.

You can view her products on her Facebook page where she has recently started posting information of many of her pots, including photographs, dimension and prices.

Joann has invited members of the Society who are visiting Melbourne and would like to buy or even just see her pots to contact her on  

Posted 31 March 2014

 Successful first workshop for the 2014

The Society holds workshops at monthly intervals during the cooler months of the year. The first workshop for 2014 took place on 22 March 2014 at the Bellerive Community Arts Centre. About a third of the Society's members attended to work on their trees.

It was a little early to carry out any repotting of trees so most members concentrated on pruning and restyling their bonsai.

Posted 22 March 2014

 Jade "trees" at the March 2014 meeting 

Our Secretary, Anita Shanahan had a busy meeting this month. Not only was she in the chair in the absence of the President and Vice-President, she also gave the talk/demonstration for the evening. 

Her topic was jade trees (Crassula spp) - if you can call them trees given that they are actually succulents. However, they are widely used for bonsai and Anita and several other members displayed some of their specimens. They are fun trees for beginners as can be seen in the photograph below!

Anita covered the development  and care of jade bonsai. She also provided much information of the natural history of Crassula in the wild.

There were fewer trees than normal on the display table. Nevertheless, there was a good range of bonsai for members to view and discuss.

Posted 19 March 2014

 Another successful workshop

From March to October each year, the Society holds monthly workshops for members. The May workshop. held on 24 May 2014, was very successful with nearly half the Society's membership participating.

Being autumn, most members concentrated on shaping and wiring their trees; repotting all have to wait for a few months.

More photographs are posted on the Galleries page of the Society's website

Posted 31 May 2014

 Demonstration at April monthly meeting

Members that attended the April 2014 monthly meeting were held enthralled by Andrew Ward working on a large Pyracantha

Andrew, who is from Adelaide, was the visiting demonstrator at workshops held over the weekend and he stayed on to give a demonstration at the meeting.   

He very ably demonstrated how standard garden material can be changed into an acceptable bonsai which, with some future work, will make a very attractive specimen. 

The Pyracantha had a straight trunk which was too thick to bend. Andrew ground away some of the bark to reveal the deadwood below which gave the illusion of movement in the trunk. 

More photographs are posted on the Galleries page of the Society's website

Posted 20 April 2014

 Display at Hobart Town Hall

The Society mounted a small display of the members' trees at  the Dahlia, Gladioli and Floral Art Society Show at the Hobart Town Hall on 14 and 15 March 2014.  

Posted 17 March 2014

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