Bonsai Learning Center guides

These guides are from the Bonsai Learning Center site All these guides are in .pdf format. This allows then to be printed easily.  The Bonsai Learning Center is an American site, hence the spelling of 'Center'.

 Information for beginners

Advice for beginners - Taking you first steps

Beginner basics - A step-by-step guide.

Why is my tree dying? - It may not be your fault.

Elements of a bonsai - What are the important things?

The rules of  bonsai - Learn when not to break them.

The right material - Bonsai gold is where you find it.


Tools - Types of tools and how to use them.

Soil - Everyone has a different recipe!

Pots - The right pot to show of your bonsai.

Wire - How to use it for best effect.

Fertilizer - Bonsai are hungry feeders.

Watering - Not as simple as you thought.

Insect control - Good and bad bugs.

Winter care - Protection in the cold weather. 

  Bonsai styles

Cascade style - Semi and full cascade

Literati style - Also known as 'bunjin'

Forest planting - More trees than a group

Raft planting - Group or forest from single tree

Shohin bonsai - Miniatires

Tanuki bonsai -Living tree joined with deadwood

  Species guides

Trident maple - Acer buergerianum

Willow leaf fig - Ficus nerifolia

Satsuki azalea Rhododendron indicum

Japanese black pine Pinus thungergii

Needle reduction in black pine

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